Saturday, January 14, 2012

Help with English to Italian translation please?

Firstly, thank you to anyone who takes time out to help here.

I would like the sentences "Come back to us safe. I shall miss you a little more each day" translated into Italian please.

I don't really trust these on-line translatorsHelp with English to Italian translation please?
Hi. First of received a couple of google translations + "torna bene da noi" makes no sense in Italian. Idiomatically, we don't just say "safe", we kind of say "safe and sound"- sano e salvo. Since they are adjectives, they have to agree in gender and number with the noun they modify. So, if the person you want to come back safe %26amp; sound is 1 male - sano e salvo. If it's 1 female -sana e salva. If it's more than 1 female - sane e salve. If it's more than 1 male - sani e salvi. Also, the "you" in Italian can be singular or plural. So, your translation would be:

If you're talking to 1 person:

Torna da noi sano/a e salvo/a. Ogni giorno mi mancherai sempre di più.

If you're talking to more than 1 person:

Tornate da noi sane/i e salve/i. Ogni giorno mi mancherete sempre di più.

I hope this helps. Ciao, :-) N.
Hi, there you go :

"Torna bene da noi. Mi mancherai un po' di più ogni giorno."

Hope I could help you, you are soooo right not to trust online translators.Help with English to Italian translation please?
Torna da noi sano e salvo. Sentirò la tua mancanza ogni giorno sempre di più.
Tornare da noi sicuro. Io vi perdere un po 'di più ogni giornoHelp with English to Italian translation please?
Ci piace mangiare cibo. Non mi piace voi o traduttori.
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