Thursday, January 26, 2012

English/Italian translation help please? :)?

Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone knew what

"Little do you know..." Translated to Italian is?? And also..

"Aim for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars"

And, if you CAN translate them, would you also be able to write down how to pronounce the Italian words too?

I know that sounds weird, just wondering if anyone can!! Thankyou in advance!! xEnglish/Italian translation help please? :)?
little do you know... is poco farla sa


aim for the moon... is Mirare per la luna, anche se lei la manca atterrerè„¿ fra le stelleEnglish/Italian translation help please? :)?
The translation provided by Marquita Vargas is wrong.

@ the_verduz: In che modo avrei dovuto usare il congiuntivo? Scrivendo: "Mira alla luna, anche mancandola atterrerai fra le stelle." ?

Le due frasi che ho scritto le ho anche trovate cercando con Google, ed erano scritte in questo modo.

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English/Italian translation help please? :)?
The translation provided by Marquita Vargas is wrong: It's not Italian.

The translation provided by Elio817 has some problems with verbs. I may agree that the "congiuntivo" is becoming less popular but I think that it must be used, especially if it's on your skin.

I'm not willing to translate it for you because I don't want the responsibility of translating something that will be on your body forever. If I were you, I'll find an English teacher (Italian mother tongue), ask him to translate and then double check it.

You also have to consider that a word-by-word translation doesn't sound good: you have to consider different possible translations (you'll need an Italian mother tongue for this) and find the one you (and the translator) think sounds best.
Mira alla luna, se la manchi sarai sempre tra le stelle.


Mira alla luna, anche se la manchi atterrerai fra le stelle.

Could you write down an example for the first phrase?

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