Monday, January 30, 2012

English to Italian Translation?

How do you say piano in Italian? I looked it up on a bunch of translation websites, but it said piano meant "the flat one". i thought it was called pianoforte, but i typed that in and that wasn't it either.English to Italian Translation?
"Pianoforte" or just "piano" (last one preferably not in formal contexts, it's an abbreviation) is right.
It is pianoforte. English to Italian Translation?
pianoforte is correct translation

try Google translator it will give the above
Singular - pianoforte

Plural - pianofortiEnglish to Italian Translation?
Yes, piano as for the musical instrument translates in pianoforte.

Although the word itself"piano"has many other meanings, see the followings;slow,flat,smooth,plan,and many more.

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