Saturday, January 14, 2012

English-Italian Translation please!?

How do you say, "Your welcome," "No Problem," and "Thank you" in italian. P.S. please, please, pl-eee-aaa-ss-eee do NOT use a translation website, i used one before, and they jacked up the words i was trying to translate, please do not use a translator such as: google translator, etc..

Also, it would be great if you could show me a link to a website that teaches you italian. I already speak Arabic as my first language, and English as my second, and would LOVE to learn Italian.

Thank you in advance,

Muzik Iz Me life!!English-Italian Translation please!?
Here is an explanation to what you may find confusing:

BENVENUTO (man) (as "welcome to my house")


BENVENUTI (plural)

PREGO (as "you are welcome" after saying "thank you")

NON C'脠 PROBLEMA (no problem)

GRAZIE (thanks)

TI RINGRAZIO (thank you)English-Italian Translation please!?
"sei il benvenuto", "non c'猫 problema", "grazie". I'm an italian you can trust.

I like my language...foreign people say that is beautiful to hear because when we talk it sounds like a music? Is it true?

It's always a pleasure when I hear that foreign people are interested in learning my language

For "Mammina"'s not "no problema"'s "non c'猫 problema" have used a translator because it's not rightEnglish-Italian Translation please!?
Cabot's answer is correct. You're welcome as in "welcome to my home" and "thank you" are the same in English, but they are different in Italian.

However there is one typing mistake as follows:

"BENVENITI (plural)"

this should be:

BENVENUTI (plural).

Additional information: the Mad Thumbsdown Monster strikes again! At least, have the courage to identify yourself and state your reasons:))))...too funny!

no problema


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