Monday, January 30, 2012

Need English-Italian Translation?

what does 'Perch茅 lei sembra cos矛 avvitato?' mean? I thought it meant "why do you look screwed?Need English-Italian Translation?
"Avvitato" is the literal translation of "screwed", but in Italian it doesn't have the same figurative meaning... it just means that a screw has been turned.

Probably the sentence you wrote is the result of an automatic translation.

If you want to ask "why do you look so screwed?" in Italian you should say "perch茅 sembri cos矛 nervoso?" or, more slang but better, "perch茅 sei cos矛 fuori?"
This is not "correct italian" but means "that a person is closed in his-self"...Means that a stupid person makes for every problem also easy..a big problem...This is "figurated" language from the habit of spiders to screwed theirs victims in the web....I hope to have been usefull...

** it is "female" because " mind" is "femal" in italian ! Is your mind..or your head..or your sistem of thinking...that is screwed !!!

** Francis- Florence- Italy......Need English-Italian Translation?
Literally translated, it means "Because she seems so screwed ?"
why does she look so screwed? however, it is avvitata as it is a she.Need English-Italian Translation?
" Why do you look screwed?"!!

It's correct but I don't understand the meaning of this sentence!!!!

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