Monday, January 30, 2012

Italian to English translation needed?

"Nella botte piccola c'猫 sta il vino buono." It's an Italian saying.

I myself translated it into English as: "Good wine saves in small barrels" but it sounds a bit awkward, I guess.Italian to English translation needed?
I think you're puzzled because of a misunderstanding on my previous answer :)

I wrote "Nella botte piccola c'猫/ci sta il vino buono" but actually I meant you have to use "c'猫" or "ci sta"; so the proverb is:

"Nella botte piccola c'猫 il vino buono"


"Nella botte piccola ci sta il vino buono"

Both "c'猫" and "ci sta" mean "there is": "A Roma c'猫 il Colosseo" = "In Rome there is the Coliseum".

"ci sta" is not the most "elegant" form, but is correct and often used.

"Nella botte piccola c'猫 sta il vino buono" literally means "In the small barrels, there rests good wine."

nella = in the

botte = barrel

piccola = small

c'猫 = there is

sta = rests

il vino = the wine

buono = good

For "Good wine saves in small barrels," I would say "Il buon vino si tiene nelle botti piccole."

il = the

buon = good

vino = wine

si tiene = saves itself / keeps itself

nelle = in the

botti = barrels

piccole = small

I'm no good with idioms, though. There could totally be a "detto" that I'm just not aware of that says exactly what you're looking for.Italian to English translation needed?
In the (nella) small (piccola) botte (bottle) there is (c'e sta) the good (buono) wine (vino)
other languages don't translate exactly into english.Italian to English translation needed?
Good things come in small packages.
"In small cask there is good wine"
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