Thursday, January 26, 2012

English to Italian translation please?

Can somebody please translate the following into accurate Italian? Accurate being the key-word here, because if I wanted google to translate it, I could do that myself. Online translation-generators are just enormously inaccurate. So if you're unsure, then thank you for wanting to help, but please don't answer.

Okay here's what I need translated:

- I'll admit that your infatuation with the girl is endearing, but I'm sorry to say that it's hardly requited. Our friend Tom谩s has an eye for these things.-

Thank you!English to Italian translation please?
francis is wrong, that isn't the translation of your sentence..

that's the real translation:

I'll admit --%26gt; ammetter貌 (there's just the verb, because in italian the subject can be implied) - in this context it would be better if you said "ammetto", which means "I admit", present simple.

that --%26gt; che

your infatuation --%26gt; la tua infatuazione (literally "the your infatuation". in italian you have to write the article!)

with the girl --%26gt; per la ragazza (with is translated with "per", which means "to, for".)

is endearing --%26gt; 猫 accattivante

but I'm sorry to say --%26gt; there isn't a literally translation into italian. you can say "ma mi dispiace di dover dire" which means "but I'm sorry i have to say"

that it's hardly requited --%26gt; che 猫 appena contraccambiata.

our friend tomas --%26gt; il nostro amico Tomas

has an eye --%26gt; ha occhio

for those things --%26gt; per queste cose (literally "for these things". in italian THESE is more used than THOSE)


Ammetto che la tua infatuazione per la ragazza 猫 accattivante, ma mi dispiace di dover dire che 猫 appena contraccambiata. il nostro amico Tomas ha occhio per queste cose.

I hope I helped you!

if you have any more question ask me :)English to Italian translation please?
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