Monday, January 23, 2012

Italian-English translation. ASAP?

Can someone translate this for me?

pensa *sono kosi ricerkato ke mi rikiedono l'amicizia anke xsone del Trinidad And Tobogo!!!*Italian-English translation. ASAP?
I am wanted so much that even people from Trinidad and Tobago ask for my friendship.

If you are learning italian, don't worry for not understanding this. The person who wrote the sentence used k instead of c and ch and x instead of per, which is not grammatically correct.Italian-English translation. ASAP?
I would say likes this in English:

(Just) think! I'm that proficient (up to date) that other people want to be my friends from Trinidad and Tobago鈥?/a>Italian-English translation. ASAP?
he says that "he is a very sought after guy" and that there are persons requesting his friendship..even from Trinidad and Tobago.

It's written in the childish style of SMS with "K" instead of "Ch" and an "X" instead of "per".

He is not very fond of geography ..since he writes "Tobogo" instead of Tobago-

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