Thursday, January 26, 2012

English-Italian translation help...?

Hi All, could someone please help me translate these into italian?

Sarah my love (fem)

Paul my love (masc)

Thanks in advanceEnglish-Italian translation help...?
Sarah amore mio (fem) or literally Sarah mio amore

Paolo, amore mio (masc.) or literally Paolo mio amore.

OR: Sarah, lei e'/e' lei il mio amore (Sarah, she is my love)

Paolo, lui e'/e' lui il mio amore (Paul, he is my love)

"Amore" is masculine in Italian.
Hello, I'm Italian!! :D

The translation is simple:

Sara amore mio

Paolo amore mio

It's better than "mio amore"... we don't use it much.

I've translated also the names!!^^English-Italian translation help...?
Hey here is the translation it says: Sarah il mio amore (fem) Paul il mio amore (masc) next time try searching italian translation.
Paul mio amore.

Sarah mio amore.English-Italian translation help...?
Paul mio amore

Sarah mio amore

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