Monday, January 30, 2012

Italian to English translation - "ma parli solo inglese"?

tl;dr: I need "ma parli solo inglese??" translated from Italian to English.

This Italian guy on Facebook lives in a city I want to know more about (in Sicily). I sent him a message asking if he speaks English ("Parla inglese?"), and he said back "ma parli solo inglese??"

I've tried looking it up using online translators (like Babelfish and, and they were all unclear. Can someone who speaks Italian and English help me out, or direct me to a forum or something where someone wouldn't mind helping me?Italian to English translation - "ma parli solo inglese"?
"Ma parli solo inglese?" = "But do you speak only English?". Probably he don't speak English very well. I'll give you some advice if you want to communicate in Italian ;You should go to Italy Yahoo in the Language section, and there you can ask the translation of what you want from English to italian and from Italian into English .There you can got great translations and I can also help you because I'm often in that section . HELLO.
Inglese is English Solo is one or only

SO maybe he only speaks English or he asking if You only speak English. Maybe he can't speak English.Italian to English translation - "ma parli solo inglese"?
I think that means "I only speak english", but if he is italian, he don't speak english, he would've just spoke inglish. It sounds a lot like french.

what I think it translates to is "only speak english" but I don't know what he means, he is probably asking if you only speak english or maybe he is a person studing or working abroad and he is saying that he only speaks english.Italian to English translation - "ma parli solo inglese"?
He wanted to know whether you could speak any other language other than English. Probably he can speak only Italian.

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