Monday, January 30, 2012

ITALIAN to English translation please?

Can someone please translate the first half of this video into english please?

I would like to know what the interviewer says and what Raoul says about his wife and family please?

especially the bit about "prima cosa" ??? around 0.59 seconds;feature=related

And could you please transalte into English what Raoul says about his children in the second half of the video please? :

I adore the language and Italian culture and of course their cinema but cannot speak or understand it without English subtitles so could somone please translate for me.

Thank you

xXxITALIAN to English translation please?
A : anchorwoman

R : Raoul

A - How long do you know Chiara (his wife) and how long you and Chiara are married?

R - From 1997, (13 years)

A - I know you use the polite form when you speak to your mother-in-law, is that true?

R- yes, I do. I think it's mportant to be polite with people in generally, I use to do that even when I work.

A - What did you like of Chiara the first time you met her?

R - She came to my house with a friend of us who introduced Chiare to myself. I was so excited. The first thing I like of Chiare was her character. She has a strong character, she is not too gentle all the time, she is honest and sincere

A - How did you do the marriage proposal?

R - I just said '' you have to marry me'' without any question mark, like an order!

Then they continued to talk about his work.

When they started to talk about the children they were talking about Raoul's calendar which was set in some marine places and the anchorwoman said:

A - Did you teach to your children to swim?

R - They just know, They both were born underwater. watching my children birthing undrewater was a fantastic thing.

A - What do you remeber about those moments? Did you feel faint?

R - No, I didn't, i picked my son up soon after he born. There was just me and my wife in the room and I feelt a little bit irresponsible for that, but in that moment we were sure we were making all in the right way. It was a magic moment for us.

this is a brief synthesis of they talked about.

Sorry for my english... I have to study more... tell me if I did some mistakes by an e-mail if you want so I can learn more... Ciao

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