Thursday, January 26, 2012

English/Italian translation please?

My Italian nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby boy any time now. I would like to send a card of congratulations. Also can this verse on the card I have bought be translated

Congratulations on the birth of baby Davide I am so happy for you both and I cannot wait to see and hold the baby in September.

With much love to you all.

(verse on card) May he have dreams to wish upon

And happiness a lifetime long

May God bless and quide him always

grazie mille

TinaEnglish/Italian translation please?
--helen-- did a good job, but I'd say:

Congratulazioni per la nascita di Davide. Sono cos矛 felice per voi, e non vedo l'ora di vederlo e tenerlo (or stringerlo) fra le braccia a settembre.

Con grande affetto

In Italian it's not very good to say the same word more than once, so "bambino" could be understood in both sentences, that's why I'd say it like that...

"non vedo l'ora di vederlo" it's a little bit weird (because of the repetition) but it's used, and now I can't think of anything else...

"Prenderlo in braccio" could work as well, but "tenerlo/stringerlo fra le braccia" sounds better in my opinion...English/Italian translation please?
Congratulazioni per la nascita del bambino Davide. Sono veramente felice per entrambi e non vedo l'ora di vedere e prendere in braccio il bambino a settembre. con grande affetto a tutti voi

Possa il bambino avere dei sogni (desideri) su cui sperare

e felicit脿 per tutta la vita

Possa Dio benedirlo e guidarlo per sempre
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