Monday, January 23, 2012

I need a translation from English to Italian?

I want to get a small tattoo that says "Go with God" in Italian to reflect both my heritage and my beliefs. However, I've seen a few different translations and I want to make sure I do it correctly. The one that I've seen most is "vai con Dio". But I've also seen "andare con Dio". Please let me know which one (if either) is correct. (If neither is correct, please tell me the correct one!) Thanks!I need a translation from English to Italian?
"Vai con Dio" is the imperative form: "(You) Go with God". People usually said that when someone was leaving for a journey.

"andare con Dio" is the infinitive form: "to go with God".

I could add:

"vado con Dio": "I go with God"

and so on...

As Evan said, figure out what you mean exactly, which person the phrase is referred to...I need a translation from English to Italian?
Woah, I'm italian, and even if my english isn't good as yours I guess I may help you.. however

" to go " = andare

"with" = con

"God " = Dio

The correct prhase you have to use is " Vai con Dio ", but here, we also use " Stai con Dio ( Be with God )... there are a lot of different way to say the concept that you mean...I need a translation from English to Italian?
Check out this thread at鈥?/a>

I think you need to decide if it is meant to say (You / I / We ) Go with God, as the connotation would affect the translation.
ifm u mean an imperative form it should be translated as: va' con Dio.

andare con Dio is an infinitive form

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