Monday, January 30, 2012

Need Italian to English translation...?

What is the translation for the Italian word "piccolino"?Need Italian to English translation...?
Piccolino means cute, very small, teeny, weeny, tiny, teeny-weeny,

teensy-weensy... (--,)
it means

- a sweet way to say small/young


"Mio figlio 猫 ancora piccolino per andare a scuola da solo"

My son is still quite young to go to school alone (=not accompanied)

- it is a way to say quite small


Questa valigia 猫 piccolina per il nostro viaggio di nozze

This suitcase is quite small for our honeymoon

It is a way to not state without doubts how small something is. It seems small, quite small but you're still in doubt.Need Italian to English translation...?
Piccolino means very small.
According ot it means the same in English than as in Italian.Need Italian to English translation...?
The Mafia say it mean little, you can say small, but the truth is little. Pajollino, mean penis if that what your referring to. Picolo pajollino mean you have a small Dick!
"piccolo" means small

"piccolino" means very small.
it means "very little" in a "cute" way, like saying it to a cute small baby
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