Saturday, January 14, 2012

Italian translation to English please?

I found this translation for Vivali's Rain but it seems incomplete to me. I don't speak Italian but I think translation is missing for:

“ Sono confuse, lo confonde” (I am confuse….?)

“Sono passate due settimante”( I am….?)

Vivaldi's Rain - Chlo? Agnew


Signore guidami

E dimmi cosa fare

Ho vista l'amore della mia vita

E lui ha vista me

Sono confuse, lo confonde

Gli voglio dire che l'amo

E spero dira lo stesso

Sono passate due settimante

La vita scorre veloce

Il mio cuore batte forte

Signore guidami e dammi pace

Ti chiedo cose dire, come dirlo

Nostrami come dire che l'amo

Nostrami come dire che mi ama

Sto pregando che dira di amarmi

[English translation:]

Lord, guide me

And tell me what to do

I've seen the love of my life

And he has seen me

I want to tell him that I love him

And I hope he'll say the same

Life goes by fast

My heart beats strong

Lord, guide me and grant me peace

I ask you what to say, how to say it

Show me how to say I love him

Show me how to say he loves me

I'm praying that he'll say that he loves meItalian translation to English please?
The first one is :

Gentleman guides to me And dimmi what to make I have seen l' love of my life and he has seen me

the second one:They are confused confuses, it I want to say that l' I love and I hope dira the same one

third:The life is passages two settimante slides fast My heart strikes strong Gentleman guides and gives to me peace to me asks things to say to You, like saying it

fourth:Nostrami like saying that l' I love Nostrami like saying that it loves to me I am praying that dira to love to meItalian translation to English please?
They are mixed , it stump Sono pastime two week

does that help?

i personally don't understand that dialect, and think something might be misplaced. perhaps on purpose??

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