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What is an Italian translation of the Bible similar to the English ESV/NASB?

I currently read the ESV of the Bible, and I also appreciate the NASB. I am looking for an Italian translation that faithfully renders the original Hebrew and Greek; preserves some of the historic vocabulary of the Scriptures (like "justification" and "propitiation"); and, preferably, feels the flow of "la bella lingua." Any comments would be much appreciated!What is an Italian translation of the Bible similar to the English ESV/NASB?
the ESV and NASB translations are used in english speaking countries in protestant churches and were designed for popular use without eliminating some of the more nuanced writing found in other more arcane translations. there are two versions of the bible in italian that meet similar requirements:

the giovanni diodati translation (from the 1600s) is the most commonly used bible in italian protestantism, but this would be more similar to the KJV than to the ones you cited. still, just like the KJV, it's the de facto bible for protestantism and uses somewhat more modern writing.

however, a new version of the diodati, appropriately called the "nuova diodati," was created in the 90s to conform more to the conventions of contemporary spoken italian. because of its pathway of translation (ie, an adaptation of an already-translated document) and the fact that it deliberately uses more accessible modern writing, this the one that is probably closest in spirit to the ESV or NASB.

finally, though, please note that protestantism is not common in italy, and the vast majority of the populace reads the CEI bible--the italian catholic bible.What is an Italian translation of the Bible similar to the English ESV/NASB?
I do not know the name that your looking for but l can tell you this; The first Bible's was written in Latin, transcribed by hand. In 325 A. D. by order of Emperor Constantine of Italy who gathered all the Bishops of the Christian world together to determine which books, of many available, should be in the Bible, as we know it today. It was around 1200 years later when King James of England had people translate the Bible into the English language.
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