Saturday, January 14, 2012

Southern italian translation to english???

Souther italian translation to english???

Ok so my friend wrote this under one of my statues and he decided to write it in dialect so no one else could understand it but unfortunately be being only able to under stand italian i can't understand it...

anyone able to translate this into proper italian %26amp; english?!

mustaccio......u sint a cuiss ve pur is a rusit....ka carrozz i scarpar....

many thanks xSouthern italian translation to english???
it's a southern dialect but unfortunatly i can't understand rusit..

mustaccio(mustache?).. you hear it so and it's a rusit(maybe it mean child),too... with the carriage of mean with the carriage of reckless people... it is a way of saying

however dialects of southern Italy are much.. i believe this sentence is right..Southern italian translation to english???
Whether you found that print someplace or you're trying to write what you heard - that's not Italian. Maybe it's your version of what you heard, but the writing doesn't convey the words well enough to decipher what's being said. "u sint a cuiss" makes no sense at all, in English or Italian.Southern italian translation to english???
I don't think that's necessarily a dialect. It's italian sounding but in a very young way...I think it's got a lot of abbreviations that aren't going to translate. Kind of like how in English do dumb things like O 4get 2 go 2 mi friendz house
just use google translator t

please answer to my question:;鈥?/a>

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