Saturday, January 14, 2012

Help With English To Italian Translation?

I have been trying to translate this phrase from English to Italian. "i carry it in my heart" I have gone to the regular translator pages, like babel fish, but want to be absolutely sure that I am right so I has been researching the verb tenses and the actual meanings of the words the translators gave me. So my translation would be "io porto esso nel mio cuore". Can someone please help me and tell me if I am right? I want to get his tattoed and don't want to end up with the wrong translation!Help With English To Italian Translation?
"lo porto nel mio cuore" or "la porto nel mio cuore".

"lo" and "la" here are not articles but pronouns; "lo" is masculine, "la" feminine, gender depends on the noun they're referring to, not on the subject.

Edit: I agree with erlampo "mio" is not necessary, but it put an emphasis that for a tattoo perhaps is appropriate. Just an opinion, though :)Help With English To Italian Translation?
"Lo porto nel cuore."

You don't need the "io". And you don't need "mio" because it's implicit.
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