Monday, January 23, 2012

English to Italian translation?

I was just wondering if i had the correct english to italian translation for these phrases:

My sisters guardian = mio sorella custode

My brothers guardian = mio fratelli custodeEnglish to Italian translation?
It depends on the context; if "guardian" is intended as in "in place of parents", the correct translation is "tutore, tutrice" (m, f)

My sisters guatdian = il tutore / la tutrice delle mie sorelle

My brothers guardia = il tutore / la tutrice dei miei fratelli

By the way, I realized (reading questions on YA) sometimes English speaking users omit the " ' " even if needed, but I suppose you wrote it down correctly and you actually mean "brothers" and "sisters" and not "brother's" and "sister's".

But just in case

My sister's guardian = il tutore / la tutrice di mia sorella

My brother's guardian = il tutore / la tutrice di mio fratello

As a lawyer, instead, "the guardian" is "il difensore" (m, f)English to Italian translation?
My sisters guardian = il custode delle mie sorelle

My brothers guardian = il custode dei miei fratelliEnglish to Italian translation?
You can use the babylon for this purpose. It's the best translator in my opinion:

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