Monday, January 23, 2012

English - Italian translation?

How do you say "I fly alone" in Italian and/or Latin? I was led to believe that they were the same but Internet translation sites are giving me various outputs. Thanks!English - Italian translation?
Hi!! In Italian you can say "Volo da sola" oppure "Volo in solitudine" (the latter literally means I fly in loneliness, but in my opinion it sounds better than the first). You can also add before the whole sentence the pronoun "Io", meaning "I", that in Italian is generally used to underline the concept of the subject. (Io volo da sola and Io volo in solitudine).

In Latin it becomes "Ego volo sola" or simply "volo sola".

Note that I supposed a fiminine subject: differently, change "Sola" with "solo" (in Italian) and with "solus" in latin.

I hope this help!


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