Friday, January 20, 2012

Basic literal translation from italian to english?

i need help with a basic literal translation from english to italian please help

i want he runs like hell as basic literal translation as possible and i ve heard that corre come inferno is he runs like hell but i also heard that corre come l'inferno works but that is he runs like the hell and i want it to be a word for word translation from english to italianBasic literal translation from italian to english?
If you translate idiomatic expressions like this word for word, they'll turn into nonsense in the other language. Hell, being a mystical location, obviously lacks legs, you see. So, the Italians will be wondering how Hell could get up and run at all. They may also wonder how you know that Hell is a "he." They may consider Hell to be a "she."

But if you really want literal translations, go to Babel fish. That's the only kind of translation an online translator can give because it has no brain behind it.
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