Friday, January 20, 2012

Word for word italian translation to english?

i want word for word he runs like hell and i was told that word for word translation would be corre come inferno

corre= it runs

come =like


others tell me that corre come l'inferno is correct and that i need the l' in front of the inferno but that makes the translation come out to he runs like the hell. doesnt for a word for word translation from italian to english doesnt corre come inferno work the best for what iam looking for may be its not the way an italian would put it but for a basic literal translation doesnt corre come inferno workWord for word italian translation to english?
corre come l'inferno

but we use to say "corre come un diavolo" = it runs like a devilWord for word italian translation to english?
Mamma mia !! Quante volte ho visto questa domanda !!!

Sometimes an article is eliminated in English and needed in Italian (as it is in most cases in Spanish, too and French)

Corre come l'inferno is perfect. Avoid translating literally, and try doing it naturally.

Corre come inferno doesn't work very well... OK?

Besides... how exactly does hell run? :-/ I've never heard that coming from an Italian's mouth, you know? Is your phrase supposed to make sense?

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