Saturday, January 14, 2012

What is the best free Italian-English translation website ?

what's the www.??? address per favore?What is the best free Italian-English translation website ?… can be used to translate sentences and paragraphs; it's far from perfect, but will give you a reasonable starting point.

This is a good translator for words %26amp; will provide alternative translations and idioms/phrases that include the term:

they have a translator services plus is free good luck.What is the best free Italian-English translation website ?
I agree with the person before me. I alwayssss use You can ask questions in forums as well and people are really helpful.
I personally prefer the you can type in what you are wanting to get translated, and people will translate it.. is free and in my opinion better than babblefish because babblefish will not always translate like the people speak... instead it translates literally - which sometimes confuses who you are communicating with ... and also in wordreference you get many different ways that people say it!! hope this helps!!!!What is the best free Italian-English translation website ?
I speak Italian and English and can assure you that those free translation things are horrible. You can end up inadvertently insulting people or making suggestive innuendos without even knowing it. Don't even bother with them
Here's another for you...
Let me, also, recommend It is the best for trying to decipher conjugated verbs. For instance, when I was first learning Italian, I needed to look up the word puo'. I could not find this word in a regular dictionary or any online dictionary until I found Now, I have that site at the top of my bookmarks.

By the way, puo' is the third-person conjugation of potere (to be able) meaning "he can" or "he is able".

the best...

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