Saturday, January 14, 2012

Souther italian translation to english???

Southern italian translation to english???

Italian translation?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?

Basically i come from a very small village in south italy but there dialect keeps changing and i can't understand anything.....

vulpon stu nicol....xci貌 s n vol turna vnrd矛....

something about.... nicola..... return friday??Souther italian translation to english???
It can be pretty hard to understand at times, I feel you haha!

This looks like a Napolitano or Calabrese dialect so I'm your man to help!

The first part is saying that Nicola/Nicolo/Niccolo is a smart guy, this is done by calling him a fox. But in the dialect it's written "fox that nicolo" which means in English "Nicolo is a fox/ Nicolo's wise/witty."

xcio, is slang "text" language for percio which translates to how we use "that's why/because of, etc. in english. Also the "n" is for "non" (no, not) and "vol" for "vuole" (he wants), turna for "torna" (to come back, return) and vnrdi is "venerdi" (friday) Calling Nicol is a version of a nickname for nicolo, niccolo, and/or nicola. Stu is for dialect for "questo" which means "that" and vulpon is a fox. The "S" can be for "si" as in "non si vuole tornare" which the "si" does not mean "yes" in this context but rather to help explain that HE does not want to come back - it sounds funny but it would take me much longer to explain that too haha!

Put it all together and you got this in English: "Nicolo's smart, that's why he's not coming back Friday." It can also mean "Nicolo's wise, that's why he doesn't want to come back friday."

Spero d'esser stato d'aiuto! :) (I hope I helped!)
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How foxy/wily this Nicola is !.........that's why he wants to go back on Friday

Quanto 猫 furbo questo Nicola.........perci貌 se ne vuole tornare venerd矛
Vulpon is fox...and in this context it means smart.."Nicol is smart...that's why he doesn't want to come back on friday"Souther italian translation to english???
It's something like "nicola is a he wants to come back on friday".. Hope this helps :)

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