Monday, January 23, 2012

Italian>English translation of novel title?

Hi all,

How would you translate the Italian book title, 'Mal di pietre', into English?

The story is a book about a woman who suffers from kidney stones, goes to cure herself at a thermal spa, and meets and falls in love with a man who has the same problem.

This is from the backcover of the book (with my translation): '...entrambi curano il loro "mal di pietre", i calcoli renali, che finiscono per identificarsi col mal d'amore...'

'...they both cure their 'stone-ache/stone-sickness, kidney stones, which eventually come to symbolise their heart-ache/love-sickness." [I know it sounds terrible, but really it isn't! It's a good book!]

So how can I make this title sound good in English? So far I have come up with Stone-ache, Stone-sickness, The sickness of stones, but I don't like any of them very much. It doesn't have to be a literal translation, but it has to embody the essence of the original title without sounding weird!

Thanks so much if you can help me. All suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.Italian%26gt;English translation of novel title?
Maybe "Troubling Stones".
A literal translation might not work, but you could imply something like 'Bitter-Sweet Gall'Italian%26gt;English translation of novel title?
what about "painful stones"
Mal di pietre is 'Mal Stone' in englishItalian%26gt;English translation of novel title?
look online..many resources there

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