Monday, January 23, 2012

English to Italian translation?

I was hoping someone who is fluent in Italian could please give me a translation from English to Italian for a tattoo my girlfriend and I each want to get. We each want to get the following and I need to obviously make sure it's correct as this will be on us for life.

I want the translation for this:

"I will always love her"

She wants the translation for:

"I will always love him"


We may just both go with the same thing:

"I will always love you"

If someone would be kind enough to make sure I already have the correct translation it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!English to Italian translation?
I will always love her = l'amer貌 per sempre (la amer貌 per sempre)

I will always love him = l'amer貌 per sempre (lo amer貌 per sempre)

No one uses the sentences in brackets, so the answer from A was correct.

I will always love you = ti amer貌 per sempreEnglish to Italian translation?
you realy want to write a thing like this?...and if in future you'll no more love her?.......

the translation is for "I will always love her" and "I will always love him" = l'amer貌 per sempre

for "I will always love you" = ti amer貌 per sempre

for me is better "ti amer貌 per sempre"(most used olso by italians) because is better the sound and is referred to him or herEnglish to Italian translation?
This is not the best translation, but since you have no other answers, I'll take a shot at it. "Vai te amorere per tutti i tempi."
"L'amer貌 per sempre" works for both sexes. It means "I will love him/her forever/always"

"I will always love you" = "Ti amer貌 per sempre

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