Friday, January 20, 2012

English to Italian translation?

Hi everyone I need some help translating something from English to Italian. translation cant be done with online translator because they all put something different out and I've tried already. need someone who knows Italian first hand and pretty good too. so if you can help the phrase is "The conquering one".

going to get this as a tattoo and is the meaning of my name so would be stupid to have something that isn't right on my body. thanks for your help.English to Italian translation?
Hi! We have the same name in Italian and it is Vincenzo. It comes from Vincentius, which is Latin and was first used as a Roman surname and later on as a first name.

The original meaning is "the one who wins" or "the one who is destined to win" (in the Christian Era, this was supposed to mean "who wins against the Devil"), rather than "the conquering one".

On the other hand... "il conquistatore" sounds definitely better than both "il vincitore" and "destinato a vincere" and would probably also look better as a tattoo...

Another option could be "il trionfatore" = the one who triumphs (over the others), the triumphant winner.English to Italian translation?
The conquering one would be "colui che conquista", but I beg you not to get a tattoo with it, it sounds like a definition taken from a dictionary :-D

I agree with Licha, the best option is "il conquistatore" (the conqueror)English to Italian translation?
Try Google language tools, translator.
il conquistatore

maybe? it technically means the conqueror
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