Monday, January 23, 2012

English Italian translation?

I need to translate an email to a property agent (English to Italian) and get the response translated. There may be several iterations. I'm happy to pay for this service but not sure what is the going rate or where to find someone. I'd prefer an individual rather than a company. Any ideas?English Italian translation?
Try If you are not familiar with the site, just click on the city you live in and on the service you need. There's tons of posts. When I lived in US up until last year I used it to find new students (I'm Italian) and companies/individuals that needed translations. And you can find cheap prices. Translation companies will charge you much more. Just make sure that whoever you're paying to get this service knows legal terms if what you need translated has to do with contracts!! Bets luck.
I just did this last night with a spanish to english translation. Worked like a charm!English Italian translation?
For the human touch, go to your local college or even Italian groups. I have included links below that should help you out in either case.
Use translates most languages..English Italian translation?
How long this email is ?

I can try some lines in first english to italian email (it has not to be too confidential).

I will do it for free, but I can not promise a good (if any) fulfillement

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