Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yu-gi-oh Italian to English translation?

I have a card in Italian that I can sort of figure out because I know English and Spanish, but cognates only take me so far, so can anyone translate this for me? Online translators I have tried were unreliable...Also, there are accents here which I don't know how to type on the comp., so i'll put an asterisk there and describe the accent mark under the text.

Quando questa carta attacca il mostro che sta guardando, puo* provocare la danneggiamente della lotta alla controparte se il numero di ATK e** piu*** alto di DEF del mostro. Quando la carta provoca la denneggiamente della lotta alla controparte, tirare una carta dalla serie di carta da se

*backwards accent over the "o", like the accent in the word "cliche" except facing the other way

**same backwards accent over the "e"

***same backwards accent over the "u"

Thank you in advance to whoever can help me with this.BTW, the name of the card is Cavalirre Del Cielo, which I think means Cavalry of Heaven...Yu-gi-oh Italian to English translation?
When this card attack the monster it's looking at ,it may cause the fight's damaging to the opponent provided the ATK(attack ?) number is higher than the DEF (defense ?) number of the monster. When the card causes a fight's damaging to the opponent you can take for youself one card of the same series.


And "Cavaliere del cielo" translates "Cavalier of Heaven"


It seems that the directions on the card had been written in Italian by mean of some mechanical translation...!! It's weird mispelled Italian but I feel having translated it at my best.Yu-gi-oh Italian to English translation?
When this card attacks the monster that it is watching, it can provoke the mischief of the fight/struggle/conflict against the opposing party if the number of ATK is higher than DEF of the monster. When the card provokes the opposing monster/enemy, it takes(pulls) another card of the series of cards from which it comes.

P.S. this is just a quick/rough translation, hope you get the gist of it.

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