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English > italian translation, can anyone help me?

Im talking about when I was a small child using the 'l`imperfetto' as often as possible. :)

This is an oral for school, which is why I am referring to things, I 'have with me' and talk about things in general. ;)


Another of my favourite toys was my 鈥楳y Little Puppy鈥?which I took everywhere with me, even to school! He used to make dog noises, so then I would know when to feed to him or groom him, and he would lick with his tongue when he was happy! All these toys of course don't exclude that I also love Barbie!

The two things I really hated though, was Loony Tunes and Winnie the Pooh! I never watched their shows or brought their toys!English %26gt; italian translation, can anyone help me?
Hi I'm italian, and I really suggest that you don't use the sentence of the user above me!!!

I have a small problem with your english version but I put in brakets the explaination so you'll understand what I mean.

I also corrected some mistakes in the part you had already translated

here is your translation

Un altro dei miei giocattoli preferiti era il mio `My Little Puppy' che portavo con me dappertutto ("which I took everywhere with me" can also be translated as "che portavo sempre con me"), anche a scuola! (is he the puppy??? If so this is the translation) Faceva dei rumori da cane (this would be a literal translation but I?d never say this in italian! I'd say "faceva dei rumori simili al verso del cane"), per cui sapevo sempre quando dargli da mangiare o quando spazzolarlo e quando era felice mi leccava con la (sua) lingua. Tutti questi giocattoli naturalmente non escludono il fatto che amassi le Barbie!

Le due cose che odiavo veramente erano i Looney Toons e Winnie the Pooh! Non guardavo mai i loro programmi in televisione e non compravo mai i loro giocattoli!

Hope it helps
non lo so, non parlo italiano molto bene.English %26gt; italian translation, can anyone help me?
Used to and would (as in used to) are both the imperfect tense (imperfetto). so you can use that for those.
Faceva i rumori di cane, dunque poi saprei quando nutrire a lui o lo governo, e leccherebbe con la sua lingua quando era felice!English %26gt; italian translation, can anyone help me?
This may help translate words and phrases.

It's a FREE 7 day trial for translation. You can download it or enter phrases on site. I've found some English idiomatic expressions difficult to obtain, but hope this helps.鈥?/a>
Un altro dei miei giocattoli preferiti era "Il Mio Piccolo Cucciolo" che portavo dappertutto con me, perfino a scuola! Lui faceva dei rumori da cane, cosi' sapevo quando bisognava dargli da mangiare o pettinarlo, e leccava con la lingua quando era felice! Tutti questi giocattoli chiaramente non escludono il fatto che amavo anche Barbie!

Le due cose che odiavo pero' erano Looney Tunes e Winnie The Pooh! Non guardavo mai le loro puntate ne compravo i loro giocattoli!
I can speak italian very well and I advise you to follow Dalila's intructions for she is right.Best wishes.

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