Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Italian to English Translation Please.?

Can anyone help me out with what this says?, it is from my cousin in Italy. Thanks.

Ciao Jason, come va! A me la solita, procede bene. Sono a Montesilvano, sono diversi giorni che fa un caldo incredibile, 35°C. Volevo chiederti un favore, mi potresti vedere quanto costa in Canada Apple - iPhone 8/16gb? e dopo un dvd player per la mia macchina, schermo intero da incasso?

Grazie un abbraccioItalian to English Translation Please.?
Hi Jason, how's it going! The usual with me, things are going well. I'm in Montesilvano, it's been a few days now that it's been incredibly hot, 35C (which just so you know is 95F). I wanted to ask you a favor, could you see how much an Apple - iPhone 8/16gb costs in Canada? And then a dvd player for my car with an integrated full-screen?

Thanks, a hug
Hello Jason, how goes! To me the usual one, proceeds well. I am at Montesilvano, is different days that does an incredible heat, 35°C. I wanted to ask you a favor, you could see me how much coast in Canada Apple - iPhone 8/16gb? and after a dvd player for my car, I screen whole from collection?

Thanks an embraceItalian to English Translation Please.?
Hello Jason, how's it going! To me the usual, is going well. I Montesilvano, are several days ago that an incredible hot, 35 ° C. I wanted to ask a favor, I could see what it costs in Canada Apple - 8/16gb iPhone? and after a DVD player for my car, screen-mounted?

Thank you a hug
Hi I'm italian..I'm glad to help you! so,

Hi Jason,

how are you? I'm fine, like always..I am in is really hot, 35°C..I want to ask you a favour..can you tell me how much I have to pay In canada for an Apple - iPhone 8/16gb? and then a dvd player for my car, entire screen to collection?

Thank you, with loveItalian to English Translation Please.?

good luck,.., bye,..,

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