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Looking for a Sicilian translation of English & Italian?

If a male says 鈥楤uonasera, Michael. Come stai?鈥?and the reply is 鈥楴on c鈥櫭?male. Vorrei presentala a Lily.' how different would this be in Sicilian?

'Piacere. Lieto di conoscerla. I am pleased to meet you'. - is this correct? Would this be different in Sicilian also?

How would you write the following in Sicilian:

Bellissima (beautiful)

Zio (uncle - but really wanting the honorific title given to a good family friend here)

Padre e Madre (Mother and Father)

Mi Scusi (excuse me)

Grazie (thank you)

Buonanotte, bella (Goodnight, beautiful)

Buonasera (good evening)

mi amore (my love - male saying to female)

la mia moglie (if a male is saying this to his wife using an affectionate term would he say it this way? Do you need to include 'la' or is it ok to say just 'mia moglie'? or whatever the equivalent is in Sicilian.

Thank you for your reply - need correct spellings please.Looking for a Sicilian translation of English %26amp; Italian?
I'm not from Sicily but I've been there a few years (time ago) and I'll try to help you as much as I can :

Bonasira, Michael,comu sta ?

Nun malu.Vurr矛a f脿 c脿nusciri (or presentari) a Lily.

Yr sentences in standard Italian are both correct.

Bellissima is in sicilian beddissima

Zio is ziu - you could use for a wider sense 'c霉mpari'

Padre is patri - Madre is matri

Mi scusi is sc霉satimi

Grazie is grazzi

Buonanotte bella is bonanotti burilidda (or bedda)

Buonasera is bonasira

Amore mio (and not 'mi amore') is m猫 amuri (or amuri mio)

Direct to his wife an Italian would rather say 'mia cara' (my darling) - Mia moglie (or La mia moglie) is correct when the husband is talking about his wife with a third person but not his own wife. In Sicilian 'mia cara' is almost same as standard Italian being 'cara mia' or 'm猫 cara'. 'La mia moglie" in Sicilian is "a mi muggheri"

I think all above it's 80-90% correct.Looking for a Sicilian translation of English %26amp; Italian?
I speak Sicilian, here's the translation: "Bona sira, Micheli. Comu esti?" - "Menzu menzu. Cci vogghiu faciri a canusciri a Lily." - "Praciri. Cuntenti di faciri la so canuscenzia."

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Looking for a Sicilian translation of English %26amp; Italian?
Italian %26gt; Sicilian.... bellissima %26gt; beddra assai, zio %26gt; zzu, padre e madre %26gt; patri e matri (nunnu e nunna), mi scusi %26gt; mi scusassi, grazie %26gt; ammirzi, buonanotte, bella %26gt; bona notti, biddruzza, buonasera %26gt; bona sira, amore mio %26gt; amuri me.

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