Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English to italian translation? ten points!?

I'm doing an oral in italian on weather. a partner and i are weather reporters. but im sooooo stressed with other work i cant even think!

any help?

thanks in advance.

good evening italy! laura and dom here with your weather report.

the weather is starting to get warmer, but there it is still cold and

windy around the country.

tomorrow in milan it is 20 degrees celcius. cloudy and light easterly wind.

further south in rome, 21 degrees celcius, cloudy with north-westerly wind.

across from rome, tomorrow l'aquila will be 9 degrees celcius, easterly

wind and light rain in the afternoon.

tomorrow in lecce 18 degrees celcius, partly cloudy with a westerly wind.

now across to sicily. palermo will be 19 degrees celcuis. sunny with a

westerly wind.

that's your weather for tomorrow, 8th june 2010. thank you and good night.English to italian translation? ten points!?
Buona sera Italia! Laura e dom qui con il report meteo.

il tempo sta iniziando a farsi pi霉 calda, ma vi 猫 ancora freddo e

ventoso tutto il paese.

domani a Milano si trova a 20 gradi Celsius. nuvoloso e vento debole da est.

pi霉 a sud di Roma, 21 gradi Celsius, nuvoloso con vento da nord-ovest.

di fronte a Roma, domani L'Aquila sar脿 di 9 gradi Celsius, est

vento e pioggia leggera nel pomeriggio.

domani a Lecce 18 gradi Celsius, parzialmente nuvoloso con un vento da ovest.

ora in tutta la Sicilia. Palermo saranno 19 celcuis gradi. soleggiata con

vento da ovest.

quello 猫 il tuo tempo per domani, 8 giugno 2010. Grazie a voi e buona notte.English to italian translation? ten points!?
go on google, and type in google translator, click onthe first link... i have been using this for the last hour to write messages in polish.. it seems to be much more efficient then other sites..

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