Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English translation for Italian song "Spiagge Amate" by Gluck?


I'm singing this song for an audition and I need a translation, and to really understand what it's about. I have already looked at a few online, but I would like to hear different opinions of the song.. Perhaps if you speak Italian, or if you have sung this song before you could offer your two cents?

Spiagge amate ove talora

l'idol mio lieta s'aggira ruscelletti

ove si mira quando infiora il crine o il sen.

Chiari fonti, ove si bagna,

erbe in cui passa le piante,

Voi pietose a un core amante,

dite voi, che fa il mio ben?

Chiari fonti, ruscelletti, spiagge amate,

ove si bagna, ove si mira, ove s'aggira

dite, dite voi...English translation for Italian song "Spiagge Amate" by Gluck?
Oh beloved shores where sometimes

my beloved (lit. my idol) happily wanders

tiny creeks where she looks at herself

when she places flowers in her hair or breast.

Clear springs, where she bathes,

Weeds upon which she walks

You, taking pity on a loving heart

Tell me, what is my love doing? (lit. "ben" = good)

Clear springs, tiny creeks, beloved shores,

where she bathes, where she looks at herself, where she wanders,

Tell me, tell me...

Hope it was ok :)

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