Saturday, February 18, 2012

Italian translation to english help?

A guy said this to me and the freetranslation site could not get it all. It did get enough to show that it is crude though.

dai faccia da coglionotto attaccami ti faccio mangiare la merdellaItalian translation to english help?
Roughly translated because this is (insulting) slang:

Come on, you sh*tface, come and get me (attack me), I'll ''make you eat sh*t''.
somthing to do wit your face Italian translation to english help?
It is quite crude, it would be sthg like this :

"Come on, rabbit face, attack me and i'll make you eat ****"

It may not be the exact translation, but the meaning is there.

Hope it helped !
It'll be enough to get one reported here.

Italian translation to english help?
It's very crude.. It means: "Come on sh*t face attack me, I'll make you eat some poop"
Wow, that guy is awfully rude.

dai = come on

faccia = face

cogl*****= it has to do with testicles in Italian. A cleaner English translation could be "jerk"

faccia da c*** = jerk face

attaccami = hit me, attack me

ti faccio mangaiare = I'll make you eat

la mer**** = your feces (but with a rude expression).

What a nice chap.

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