Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Italian to English translation of this paragraph?

This is a paragraph from a book about the part of Italy where my family is from. I don't want an online translator, I tried and it doesn't make sense. Thank you so much to any answerers!

Quando si parla della Campobasso dei tempi antichi il pensiero va a Cola Monforte, a sua moglie Altabella, che tale era non solo de nome ma anche di fatto, al castello, alle mura che circondavano il paese, tanto da farlo credere inespugnabile, al tempo cioe in cui Campobasso appariva nella sua massima potenza.Italian to English translation of this paragraph?
When we talk about the Campobasso of the ancient times the thought goes to Cola Monforte (I belive Niccol貌 di Monforte, Count of Campobasso and Termoli) , to his wife Altabella (the name means High-beautiful), that she was beautiful not only by name but by fact too, to the castle, the walls that enclosed the village, that made belive it was impregnable, a time that is, when Campobasso appeared in its greatest power.Italian to English translation of this paragraph?
Thank you so so much!

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