Saturday, February 18, 2012

Translation: italian to english please?

this guy sent me this text after a party because he speaks in italian to me and i have no idea what he was saying so when i asked he said "ok ill tell you what i said...Praticamente o ditto che ti volevo scopare quando laltro ragazzo se ne andava solo che I miei altri amici me anno portato via prima che potevamo divertirci, pero spero che a qualche altra festa potro fare quello che o apena detto." naturally he did this knowing i wouldnt understand so will someone please tell me what it means in english?Translation: italian to english please?
makes no sense, he doesn't know what he's talking aboutTranslation: italian to english please?
Well, to be honest, his italian is pretty bad XD

Here's the translation:

"So, I said that I wanted to have sex with you once that other guy went away, only my friends brought me away before we could have fun. I hope anyway that we can do that in the future at some other party".

That's a pretty literal translation, only the verb "scopare" is a rude word (it actually transates as "f**k" more than "having sex").

Hope that was useful :)

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