Saturday, February 18, 2012

Translation: italian to english please!?

this guy texted me this morning after a party, and he is italian. he had been speaking in italian to me the whole night because i liked it... i didnt know what he was saying of course, i just liked the sound of this hot guy speaking to me in a foreign language : ) so when he texted this morning i asked him what he had been saying, and he wouldnt tell me in english but he said this in italian... "Praticamente o detto che ti volevo scopare quando laltro ragazzo se ne andava solo che I miei altri amici mi anno portato via prima che potevamo divertirci, pero spero che a qualche altra festa potro fare quello che o apena detto" ...i think i may have figured out basically what it means, but im not sure so could someone please tell me exactly? dont worry about if its "crude" or anything, spare none of the details or "bad" words lol! thanks so muchTranslation: italian to english please!?
He wanted to have sex with you only that his friends took him away before he could have fun with you and he hopes to meet you again at a party

This is what he said.Translation: italian to english please!?
"Or practically said you wanted to **** when other DC guy went just that my other friends took me years away before we could have fun, but I hope that some other party can do what most people say or" is exactly what it saysTranslation: italian to english please!?
isn't italian... and it isn't any other language that i can find... im not sure..

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