Sunday, February 12, 2012

Italian to english translation?

are these correct? (and this is a woman talking to a man)

'you are a very sweet person, kind and handsome. you are very speciale to me.' - 'si sono molto dolce persona, gentile e bello. sei speciale per me'

'i miss you' or 'i miss you alot' - 'mi manchi' 'mi manchi tanto'

thanksItalian to english translation?
"Sei una persona molto dolce, genitile e bella/o, sei speciale per me"

"Mi machi tanto"

you have to use "bella " if this adjective is referred to "persona", you can also use "bello" and in this case it is not referred to "persona" but directly to the fellow you are talking to ( in masculine genre)...

I'll try to be clearer:

In the first case the sentence would be:

"you are a very sweet, kind and handsome person..."

in the second case:

" you are a very sweet person and you are kind and handsome ( masculine)..."

Moreover if you want to use the second costruction but using the feminine genre, you have to use "bella" again...

However, I suggest you to use "bella", it sounds better in my opinion...

Bye ^^Italian to english translation?
it's not correct. The correct version is:

" Sei una persona dolce, carina e bella. Sei molto speciale per me.

The second are both correct: Mi manchi; Mi manchi tanto.Italian to english translation?
Sei una persona molto dolce, gentile e bello. Sei molto speciale per me.

Mi manchi Mi manchi tanto
Yes. These are correct!

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