Saturday, February 18, 2012

Italian translation to english please?

the word 'piccolo' or 'piccola'...i know it means 'small, little'

but if someone said 'ciao piccola'...does this mean..'hello little' or can it be 'hello baby'?

thankyouItalian translation to english please?
It's very hard to find a good translation; if a people say this to you, it means that that people is fond of you, and sometimes boys also use that word with their girlfriend...

However, trust me, it has nothing to do with the literal translation that would be "little/small girl"

Hope to have been be quite clear

Bye ^^
Di niente :-)

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Italian translation to english please?
Sorry, " hope to have been quite clear"*

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yes yes you were very clear..thanks again :D

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Italian translation to english please?
I would say "Ciao, piccola" is more "Hey, little one," as in something you said to a little kid or baby. If you want something more adult, then I would say "Ciao, cara" ("Hey, darlin'") or they actually have the word "baby" in the flirtatious sense, so you could say "Ciao, baby" and be understood. :)
It means "hello small" I think. I don't know italian, so i maybe wrong.\

It means that they are saying HELLO to your LITTLE friend.
hello little girl

not 'baby', why should it?

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