Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English --> Italian translation.?

How would you say this in italian?:

Oh, that's good. So, you live in Milan? Do you like Inter Milan?English --%26gt; Italian translation.?
depends on what u mean with "that's good". generally u can say "ah, bello!" which literally translates to "how nice!, beautiful! ok! and so on"

otherwise....u need to tell me what u actually meant.

Oh, bello! Quindi vivi a Milano? Ti piace (or just Tifi) Inter?

no need to say Inter Milan, nor A.C. Milan, just Inter and Milan (pronounced with the a of apple)English --%26gt; Italian translation.?
Oh, 猫 buona. Cos矛, si vive a Milano? Ti piace Inter?English --%26gt; Italian translation.?
Oh, che bello. Quindi vivi a Milano? Tifi l'Inter o il Milan?
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