Sunday, February 12, 2012

English to Italian Translation HELP !!!?

Hey :D

i am looking to find out if anyone can please translate my cv into italian , I dont want to use google translate as it has been know in the past not to be correct , i am send my cv to an italian university so it has to be right ? so my problems is i can't do this and i wondered if anyone would be kind enough to do this for me :)

if you can please leave you email so i can email it to you

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English to Italian Translation HELP !!!?
If this is accompanying a job application or an application for a university place, I would strongly advise you to have your CV translated by a professional service. I know the agency in my source box is reputable if that's any help to you.English to Italian Translation HELP !!!?
do you mean you have to send your Curriculum vitae? i am italian and i could translate it for u, but I dont like to give my Email adress in internet, i did it once and i had namy problems-English to Italian Translation HELP !!!?
what's a cv? I'm italian anyway
I am Italian. Just email me through my Yahoo mail, I'll answer you as soon as possible!
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