Saturday, February 18, 2012


Hi, I've been asked to translate a few pages (from Italian to English) regarding a business organization registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Milan.

Unfortunately the vocables are quite difficult and there are some "italian expressions" which I'm probably translating in the wrong way.

Can you please tell me how would you translate them??

Thank you very much for your help!

- "Agenzia per il disbrigo di pratiche automobilistiche"

- "Attivitè„¿ mobiliare, immobiliare e finanziaria"

- "Rilasciare garanzie reali e personali a favore di..."

- "Assumere partecipazioni in societè„¿ con oggetto analogo od affine al proprio"HELP - BUSINESS TRANSLATION (ITALIAN TO ENGLISH)?
- Agency for the dispatch of automotive practices

- Mobile, real estate and financial business

- Collateral and personal warranty issues in favor of...

- Recruit participations in partnership with similar or allied purposeHELP - BUSINESS TRANSLATION (ITALIAN TO ENGLISH)?
Agency paperwork for the car "

"Activities securities, real estate and financial"

"Release collateral and guarantees in favor of ..."

"by investing in companies with similar or related to its object"

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