Saturday, February 18, 2012

English to italian translation. really simple.?

how would you say: the baby has blue eyes. the baby has blonde hair. the baby is cute. the baby is small. the baby is young. please conjugate too :]English to italian translation. really simple.?
Il bambino (if is a boy, if is a girl we say "la bambina") ha gli occhi azzurri. Il bambino ha i capelli biondi. Il bambino 猫 carino. Il bambino 猫 minuto. Il bambino 猫 piccolo.

I had a problem with translating last sentences, 'cos in Italy we say that a baby is "piccolo" and we mean both small and young, so I used a synonymous of small and I prefered using piccolo to say young, because "giovane" for a baby may not have a sense in italian.
il bambino ha occhi blu. il bambino ha capelli biondi. il bambino 猫 cute. il bambino 猫 piccolo. il bambino 猫 giovane.English to italian translation. really simple.?
baby has blue eyes: il bambino ha degli occhi blu

baby has blonde hair: il bambino ha dei capelli biondi

baby is cute: il bambino 猫 carino

baby is young: il bambino 猫 giovane

Now, do your OWN conjgation and finish the REST of your homework on your own. You didn't pay me enough to do that.

Disonorare su lei. Non essere cos矛 pigro
il bambino ha l'occhi blu, i capelli biondi, 猫 piccolo ed 猫 giovane.English to italian translation. really simple.?
il bambino ha gli occhi azzurri, il bambino ha i capelli biondi, il bambino 猫 grazioso, il bambino 猫 piccolo, il bambino 猫 giovane

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