Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English-->italian translation?

heyy can anyone help me?

"baby, can't you see i love you?"

can anyone translate that to italian?

and by baby i DONT mean the newborn kids..English--%26gt;italian translation?
"Baby" can be translated in several ways:

To a boy:

- Amore (my love)

- Tesoro (honey)

- Caro (darling)

To a girl:

- Amore (my love)

- Tesoro (honey)

- Cara (sweetie)

- Piccola (baby, my little girl)

The rest of the sentence is:

"non vedi che ti amo?"
Tesoro, non vedi che ti amo?English--%26gt;italian translation?
Baby can be used in Italien too. or you can use "caro" and that's for dear or even can be used for honey. Also sometimes, instead of baby they say "bebe" and it is not prenoiunce beebee it is " eh" (if it makes sense).

"Baby, non puoi vedere che ti amo?"


"Baby, ma non vedi che ti amo?"

Or like the other person said tesoro, which is more for caro, dear...
amore, non vedi che ti amo?English--%26gt;italian translation?
cara , ma non vedi che io ti amo ?

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