Wednesday, February 15, 2012

English-->italian translation!!!?

can anyone translate "will you ever love me"

to italian??English--%26gt;italian translation!!!?
"mi amerai mai?" "mi amerete mai?" are formally correct, but I'd like to suggest you: "Riuscirai mai ad amarmi?" ("Will you ever manage to love me?") or "Potrai mai amarmi?" ("Will you you ever be able to love me?") which in Italian sound more "smooth".

when addressing to more than one person:

"Riuscirete mai ad amarmi?"

"Potrete mai amarmi?"English--%26gt;italian translation!!!?
Mi amerai mai ? if addressed to a single person

Mi amerete mai ? if addressed to more peopleEnglish--%26gt;italian translation!!!?
mi amerai mai?
Italian differentiates between plural "you" and singular "you". In Italian you also place the object (me) in the beginning, thus the sentence would translate to: "Me will you love ever ?"

Thus, if speaking to a person (singular),: Mi amerai mai?

If you are speaking to many people (plural): Mi amerete mai?

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