Thursday, February 2, 2012

Need italian to english translation!?

so i need the exact translation, don't fix it so that it makes sense in english. I know its going to be nonsense but thats how i need it. This is a song so im not sure where some words start or end just fyi.

dacche sai le dure pene che nel cor soffrio per te.

Mordi mi baccia mi battimi abbraccia mi pieta.... o ti prendi servitu o mi rendi liberta.

se ti parlo, non m'ascolti se ti guardo guardin giu

ma non guardo alor ti volti, ma non parlo parli tu.

Thanks i really appreciate it! :)Need italian to english translation!?
Since you know the hard pains that in the heart I suffer for you.

Bite me, kiss me, beat me, hug me, I beg you.....

either you take servants, or you render me freedom.

If I talk to you, you don't listen to me, if I look at you, you look down

but I don't look and then you turn around, but I don't talk you talk.

:-)Need italian to english translation!?
This does not make sense in Italian... The correct words are:

Dacch茅 sai le dure pene che nel cor soffr'io per te? Mordimi! Baciami! Battimi! Abbracciami! Ah! piet脿! O ti prendi servit霉, o mi rendi libert脿! Se ti parlo, non m'ascolti; se ti guardo, guardi in gi霉; ma non guardo, e allora ti volti; ma non parlo, e parli tu! Mordimi! Baciami!

Since you know the harsh penalties that in my heart I hurt for you? Bite me! Kiss! Beat me! Hug me! Ah! pity! Or do you servants, or make me freedom! If I speak, not hear me, if I look at you, look down, but do not look, and then you turn around, but I do not talk, and talk to you! Bite me! Kiss me!Need italian to english translation!?
Here's what I got from an online translator:

since you know the harsh penalties that I suffer in my heart for you.

Beat me Bite me Baccia embraces me I pity .... Or do you make me liberty or servitude.

if I speak, not hear me when I look at you Guardin June

Alor will look but not faces, but you do not talk talk.

... it doesn't really make sense, but i hope this helps!
Try google translate...

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