Thursday, February 2, 2012

Italian to english translation?

What is this sentence in english?

Io ho mangiato a il panino al tramizzino.Italian to english translation?
"Io ho mangiato il panino (un panino) al tramezzino", that's how it should be written. It does not mean much, though, because it's "I ate a sandwich flavoured sandwich". Panino means a kind of sandwich like an hamburger could be, tramezzino is more like club sandwich.

Unless Tramezzino gets a capital T and it is a place: in this case this should go: "I ate a sandwich at the Tramezzino".
it's tramezzino

and i'm fairly certain it says " i ate the sandwich in the sandwich.."Italian to english translation?
I ate a sandwich at the tramizzino.
I ate a sandwich at the tramizzinoItalian to english translation?
it's should be "Io ho mangiato il panino" or "io ho mangiato il tramezzino" it's "I ate the sandwich".the only possibility this sentence is not wrong is that "u ate the sandwich in a place called "tramezzino"...but it's quite strange... anyway u have to take off the "a" between "mangiato" and "il"

ops,madarts anticipated me

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