Thursday, February 2, 2012

Italian to english translation?

i was at a dinner party and someone gave a toast and ended it w an italian phrase (sounded to be spelled) "Chen Don"... what does this mean?Italian to english translation?
It's spelled "Cent'ann", and it means "100 years", meant to wish someone long life and good health.

A more proper way of saying it would be like "Cent' anni". The proper Italian word for "years" is "anni" with the final "ee" sound, but in more dialectal versions, the last vowel could be omitted.

In Italian C followed by an E or an I makes the "ch" sound as in "cheese", [t蕛].Italian to english translation?
I am Italian and we usually say Cin Cin (spelled as Cheen Cheen) and it is the same as Chears for English toast. This words represente the sound when the glass touch each other.

P.S. I am sorry for my English!

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