Thursday, February 2, 2012

Italian to English translation please?

can someone please tell me what "non sogno che te" is in English. I know that Sogno is Dream.

PeterItalian to English translation please?
I'm dreaming only about you
Dear Peter italian language is hard..The translation literary is: I dream only you...But the meaning italian is different...I have never forgotten you..I think you night and day..

Also..You are my dream..I don't look for others persons .. ItalyItalian to English translation please?
"I only dream of you". (The literal translation would be: "I don't dream of anything but you")
Hi Peter!

I'm glad I can help you! ( well, at least I hope so!). ;)

Yes, Sogno means Dream. In this case "sogno" is not a noun but it's a verb ( the verb is "sognare" = to dream).

Translated it would be: " I dream of you all of my time".

I'll make you an ex; you are in love with someone and you think about him/her all day long... when you meet him or her you tell him/her "non sogno che te" it means that you love him/her and that she's/he's always in " your mind". I don't know if I explained well....

Bye! Italian to English translation please?
"I dream nobody but you" ("I dream only you")
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